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Hitex offers a wide variety of courses and hands on workshops throughout the year - and has done for over 15 years!

From industrial network diagnostics to safety and testing, our vast range of expertise allows us to support not only your development needs but also our product lines with all the training requirements you may have.

Individual or bespoke training requirements? We would be only too pleased to deliver the right customised training for your specific needs.

ARM Cortex-M

Cortex Microcontrollers

Hitex runs a series of one-day workshops to introduce the ARM Cortex microcontroller.

This is one of our longest-running and most popular courses. It is also ideally partnered with the "Using an RTOS on Cortex-based Microcontrollers" course, held the day after this course. 

The course is delivered by our resident ARM Specialist, Trevor Martin who is also a published author and widely recognised authority on Cortex-M cores.

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RTOS on Cortex Micros

This course is an introduction to using a small footprint Real Time Operating System on a Cortex-M based microcontroller. Throughout the course we use the CMSIS-RTOS API which is designed to be a standard software interface for operating systems running on Cortex-M microcontrollers.

The course is designed as a hands on workshop using the Keil MDK-ARM development software.

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Designing Secure Systems

This course is an introduction to developing secure microcontroller systems with the Mbed-TLS cryptographic library. Mbed-TLS is a free to use cryptographic library developed and maintained as part of ARM’s Mbed IoT platform. It is licensed under an Apache 2 or GPL v2 for commercial and non commercial use. During this course we will look at the function and use of each element of the Mbed-TLS library. This course will also consider how to take best advantage of the Cortex-M processor features to best implement a secure system.

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Infineon AURIX & XMC

AURIX SafeTlib Training

Hitex UK are proud to offer a 1-day training course focussed on AURIX™ SafeTlib. The course explores the overall structure of SafeTlib and goes on to look at this in more detail. It also explores how to integrate with other tools such as the Tasking compiler, the TRESOS configuration tool and the signature generation tool.

This course would be of interest to software engineers involved in safety critical applications related to ISO26262.

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XMC / Cortex Training

In partnership with Infineon, Hitex are able to provide courses tailored to the Infineon XMC1000 and XMC4000 families. 

These courses complement their ARM Cortex training day and will combine aspects from the existing course with introductions to the key peripherals of the XMC families using both the Infineon DAVE development environment and the KEIL MDK ARM in a one day course.

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Industrial Automation

PROFIBUS Diagnostics

As any engineer responsible for keeping a PROFIBUS network fully functioning and well maintained knows, one of the biggest contributing factors to down-time can be pin-pointing not only WHAT the problem is, but WHERE it is located - especially on larger networks.

This one-day course will ensure that you really get to grips with using our most popular diagnostics tools and getting the most out of them on a day-to-day basis.

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Certified PROFIBUS Training (MMU delivery)

For engineers who want to become certified in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of PROFIBUS networks, a range of certified courses is currently available through the PROFIBUS Group UK.

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Safety & Security

Explore TESSY unit testing

Unit testing is a vital process when you are working towards certification in one of the many safety-critical standards available today. TESSY performs automated dynamic module/unit and integration testing of embedded software and determines the code coverage along the way. This kind of test is required for certifications according to standards such as DO-178B, IEC 61508 or ISO 26262. This 1-day seminar will introduce the basics of software testing to the while focussing on unit, module and integration testing.

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TESSY training, workshops and consulting

Hitex (UK) Ltd are now able to offer TESSY training either on-site, or in our bespoke training facilities at the Coventry office. 

The modules outlined below offer a starting point from which we can customise your day to your exact requirements if required. Equally, the training can be extended to go beyond the level of detail that can be covered in a 1-2 day session.

The venue and exact contents will be agreed before a contract is put in place, but it is expected that they will be run at the customer’s site in most cases (where appropriate). 

It is also worth noting that the days can be delivered in either English or German, and will again be agreed at the time of booking.

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How to achieve ISO26262 ASIL-B/C/D

This 2-day seminar covers a hot topic in today's safety-critical industry – that of ISO26262 safety levels and how this affects real-world projects. The seminar will go through what is actually required to achieve the various Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL) in the real world, how these map to real projects and how to get it all certified at the end of it!

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Embedded Android

Embedded Android

Android is becoming a popular choice as an embedded operating system, largely because of its great UI and familiar programming interface. Support for Android is available from a wide range of chip, board and module vendors. This course will show you the internal workings of Android, guide you through selecting suitable hardware platforms and teach you how to customize the platform for your own needs.

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