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smartLink: Industry 4.0 connectivity for new and existing PROFIBUS DP networks


Configuration, parameterisation and plant asset management using standard industry tools

  • Independent of configuration tools
  • Centralised and time-saving parameterisation of PROFIBUS and HART field devices directly from the control room using HART IP and HART over PROFIBUS
  • Access to Plant Asset Management applications for field devices configuration based on FDT / DTM and EDDL standards (acyclic master) e.g. PACTware or FieldCare

Key points:

  • Access to HART devices via PROFIBUS DP
  • Standardised interface through HART IP
  • Deployable during running plant operations
  • (Almost) no rewiring required

Key component for transition to state-of-the-art technology

  • Re-use of existing PROFIBUS segments without requiring modification
  • Access to cyclic and acyclic data via HART-IP and OPC UA

Access to PROFIBUS devices

  • Asset managment and Parameterization via established interfaces
  • smartLink DP supports FDT/DTM and PDM

Direct connectivity to PROFIBUS segments

  • Single access point to PROFIBUS DP segment from Industrial Ethernet networks
  • Acts as PROFIBUS DP master class 2
  • Support of one PROFIBUS DP segment

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