Building a safe and secure embedded world

When "things" communicate

The IoT (Internet of Things) has become a reality and is gradually entering new fields and sectors. This harbors both opportunities and risks: Intelligent networking of embedded systems can save resources and provide significantly improved functionality and added comfort.

The potential vulnerability of the systems is risky, because even devices that were previously independent are now connected to the Internet and (often permanently) interlinked. Security is often insufficient, and a single weak point can be used to paralyze or manipulate entire processes. For this reason, security has to be taken into consideration even before “things” are networked, i.e. at the device design stage.

The data exchange via the IoT is secured using a communications protocol. The most frequently used protocol is TCP/IP. With a reliable TCP/IP stack, systems can now be tethered to the IoT easily and reliably.

When it comes to a complex environment, additional integrated measures are required to prevent unauthorized access. This calls for a comprehensive security strategy to identify weaknesses and take appropriate precautions.

Hitex provides support in meeting these central challenges. Systems can be effectively secured and functionally integrated using suitable methods and tools. Hitex experts provide advice on optimal IoT usage.

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