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Water and waste water management

Keeping the pipes flowing around the clock

Water and waste water management solutions

Whether you are concerned with the endless task of processing of domestic water, or something more focussed such as an industrial setting, water management is a vital process to keep both people and plant safe and well. Locations are likely to be varied, remote and complex. Here at Hitex we have a raft of solutions to keep you afloat and swimming along happily! Whether you need to configure devices in the field, or diagnose the source of a network problem in a treatment plant, we can help.


Your mobile testing, troubleshooting and diagnostic device superhero

A powerful diagnostic and troubleshooting tool for testing cables, measuring signals and analysing communication of PROFIBUS networks. It is battery-powered with an easy-to-use GUI, allowing for quick results when working in stand-alone mode. More...


Mobile commissioning and maintenance interface for field devices

Interface for HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA. It can be used with any bluetooth mobile smart device and is compatible with FDT frame applications & other major engineering tools. IECEx and EX Zone 1 approved for hazardous environments. More...

Protocol Converters

Connecting industrial networks, corporate IT networks and the Cloud

Our protocol converters increase network connectivity both internally and externally, and extend it's lifespan in the process. Maximise the potential and longevity of your whole network and increase your overall ROI  and delay the need for additional CAPEX investment. More...


Mobile industrial network diagnostics and acceptance testing software

A comprehensive software solution for acceptance testing and efficient troubleshooting of Ethernet-based industrial communication, making it an easy-to-use product that is tailored to the needs of plant suppliers, maintenance personnel as well as service providers. More...

OPC UA and Classic

Connecting everything to everything on an international scale

OPC Classic and OPC UA (Unified Architecture) products enable PLC connectivity from baggage handling right up to your business enterprise systems. This flow of data and information allows your passengers, their luggage and your aircraft to keep moving in the right direction. More...

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