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Connects Ethernet and serial PLCs with databases, enterprise systems, and clouds

echocollect r/m

echocollect is an industrial multi-protocol gateway providing connectivity for over 50 PLC types to SQL databases, enterprise systems such as SCADA and MES, and clouds such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and IBM Bluemix.

echocollect offers bidirectional real-time connectivity integrating PLCs with SQL databases, direct OPC UA connectivity, and direct cloud connectivity using MQTT.

echocollect r/m connects to both Ethernet and Serial PLCs

Integration of Existing Systems in New Quality Assurance Systems

  • Independent real-time collection of manufacturing, process or quality data directly from programmable logic controllers (PLC) and delivery to higher-level management systems, such as ERP or MES system
  • Recipe manager functionality for writing data blocks to PLCs
  • Direct connectivity via SQL database protocols, platform independent OPC UA technology or MQTT Publisher functionality
  • Support of more than 50 PLC types addressable via Ethernet

Excellent Data and Network Security

  • Buffering of arriving data and addition of time stamps in case of broken connections, automatic forwarding once connection has been reestablished
  • Option for parallel data logging on SD card for traceability reasons
  • Physical network separation between production systems and commercial IT networks
  • State-of-the-art OPC UA security: Optional encryption of transmitted data and authentication via certificates

Lowered IT Maintenance Costs and Investment Protection

  • echocollect as standard component, addition of extra functionality without modifying existing systems
  • No need for additional PC requiring software updates and administration
  • Working for years once configured – untouched, without updates and with zero maintenance costs
  • Plug-and-go replacement, if necessary, using configuration stored on SD card
  • Very easy configuration by straightforward project import without requiring PLC modifications and programming skills

Easy Live Data Visualization

  • Native web technology for easy and cost-efficient visualization of process, manufacturing and quality data using standard web browser without any plug-ins
  • No need for OPC Server or complex SCADA system
  • Scalable, resolution-independent vector graphics for consistent display of data on wide variety of network enabled devices like desktop PCs, laptops, smart phones, tablet PCs or industrial control panels


Ethernet Addressable ControllersSiemens SIMATIC S7 and S5, controllers with Modbus TCP (Wago, Beckhoff, Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric, etc.), Mitsubishi (Melsec-Q), etc.
Ethernet ProtocolsTCP/IP, RFC1006 (ISO on TCP), ISO (H1), S5, S7, TCP/IP with PLC header, Modbus TCP, Melsec-Q, raw data
Ethernet Interfaces2 x independent interfaces TP (RJ45), 10/100 MBit/s
Serial Addressable ControllersSiemens SIMATIC S7 and S5, controllers with RK512, 3964(R), controllers with Modbus RTU (Modicon, Schneider Electric, Wago, etc.), etc.
Serial ProtocolsMPI, PPI, AS511, RK512, 3964R, Modbus RTU, Telnet / ASCII
Serial InterfacesEIA-232 (RS-232), EIA-485 (RS-485), TTY (20 mA), MPI (up to 4 connections per channel)
Embedded OPC UA ServerSymbolic Mapping; Browsing, Read, Write, Subscribe; Self-Discovery Service; possible reconfiguration without device restart; possible multiple Client connections, optional read-only PLC connection; OPC UA Security with password or certificates
Embedded MQTT PublisherEstablishment of MQTT Broker connection, optional user authentication and data encryption, easy topic generation from existing symbols, maximum of 1,000 topics, adjustable publishing interval
Supported DatabasesMySQL, Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL
Other ProtocolsTelnet, SMTP (email notification), OPCpipe (OPC Tunnel)
Supported Engineering Tools for Symbol ImportSIMATIC STEP 7, TIA Portal
LimitationMaximum of 5 PLC connections, 10,000 items in total Data mapping PLC - database must be structured in 400 tables and 200 items per table
Visualizationatvise webMI visualization, functional level ‘Advanced’ (fully event-driven data exchange) Limited to up to 50 visualized items per echocollect (optional upgrade possible), maximum of 5 simultaneously accessing browsers
Configuration SoftwareSofting NetCon for device configuration, atvise builder for SCADA project editing, dataFEED Exporter for symbol import
Power Supply24 VDC, ca. 1.1 A
Ambient ConditionsOperating temperature: 0 °C ... 55 °C, storage temperature: -20 °C ... 70 °C
Dimensions (HxWxL)131 mm x 47 mm x 111 mm
Weightca. 0,4 kg
Mounting35 mm DIN Rail
Protection ClassIP 20
GAL-YY-143201echocollect r (connectors: 2 x Ethernet, 1 x TTY, 3 x EIA-232, 1 x MPI)
GAL-YY-143401echocollect m (connectors: 2 x Ethernet, 3 x TTY, 2 x MPI)
LRA-YY-143001Upgrade echocollect: License for database access to Oracle, DB2 and MSSQL (default: MySQL only)
LRA-YY-143002Upgrade echocollect: License enabling data logging on SD Card (default: no data logging)
LRA-YY-143004Upgrade echocollect: License supporting unlimited number of visualization items (default: maximum of 50 visualization items)
LRA-YY-143005Upgrade echocollect: License embedded OPC UA Server (default: no embedded OPC UA Server)
LRA-YY-143007Upgrade echocollect: License MQTT Publisher functionality (default: no MQTT support)
LRA-YY-143115Upgrade echocollect: License enabling maximum of 15 PLC connections (default: maximum of 5 PLC connections)

Additional Products and Services

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LRL-DY-131701OPCpipe client
MEA-YY-144002CD atvise elements, 4,000 high-quality bitmaps and vector graphics in SVG format
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Scope of Delivery

HardwareMulti-protocol gateway echocollect r/m, SD card, connector for power supply*
SoftwareNet configuration software on CD-ROM, also downloadable from Softing website
DocumentationQuick Start leaflet, context-based online help, CD-ROM with product handbook and configuration tutorials, also downloadable from Softing website

* A plug-in powerpack is not included in the delivery. If needed, please order this separately.

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