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Embedded Security Solutions

The explosive growth of internet connected devices calls for solutions to meet the surging demand for big data, scalability, privacy and security. We offer solutions that target embedded applications where memory, power and performance have to be carefully balanced.

To supply you with the best encryption solutions, we offer the embedded security solutions from Cypherbridge Systems.

Cypherbridge Security Solutions

Cypherbridge supplies standalone, IoT and cloud connected software development kits and middleware. The software targets small to medium size applications where memory, power and performance need to be carefully balanced.

Portable ANSI C SSH embedded server and client for interactive shell and tunneled TCP/IP security layer. The compact uSSH protocols and fully integrated math and crypto library can be tailored to a very compact memory footprint under 50K on a typical Cortex-M3 flash MCU. 

Targeted for embedded systems and devices, uSSL employs proven interoperable features to securely authenticate and cryptographically secure end-to-end system transactions. uSSL can be easily integrated with existing or new applications, and can be tailored to enable a subset of the supported protocols to achieve the lowest possible memory footprint.

Cloud Device KIT (CDK)
The CDK portable ANSI C library implements all functions needed to manage data on the device and interface to the cloud.  It includes a FAT32 file system that can optionally encrypt data-at-rest on the device to protect privacy if the device or file system media is lost, stolen or hacked.  The CDK is portable to a wide range of embedded OS, RTOS and TCP run-times.  

uVPN implements IKEv1/IKEv2/IPsec for a cryptographically secure solution for IP packet networking. It provides authentication, data encryption and message integrity for embedded devices. uVPN is a standards based, full featured toolkit delivering system benefits including security and performance for embedded platforms, smartphones, tablets and more.

Portable ANSI C software update installer and secure boot loader. Images can now be securely distributed and managed.  Encrypted files are protected in case the file or removable media is lost, stolen or hacked. uLoad manages multiple images to install, activate and rollback to last-known-good version.  It includes support for a read-only factory image to protect against bricked devices. 

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