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Energy management for your home

Embedding energy efficiency into the home from the start

How can I optimise my energy consumption? How can I make better use of the solar energy I’m generating? And how can I prepare my house for the challenges of e-mobility?

These questions are unavoidable if you have a genuinely intelligent home and take advantage of energy automation. In partnership with TQ-Automation, Hitex can provide the answers with innovative approaches and patented technology.


Energy Manager EM210

Heat water with the PV system: the 2-quadrant meter.

  • Smart energy flow for residential solar power systems
  • Efficient and intelligent augmentation of captive use
  • ModBus RTU connection for heating element (RS485 interface)
  • Visualisation via WebGui (iOS or Android)
  • 2-quadrant smart meter

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Energy Manager EM410

Compact automation at home for detached houses.

  • Application for detached and semi-detached houses (4-quadrant meter, class 1, 4 DU)
  • Energy automation based on EEBus
  • Modular energy automation (white goods, inverter, battery, heat pump, charging station)
  • 63 A direct measurement
  • Scheduling and prioritising, static and dynamic tariff
  • Data logging (UI w/ & w/o cloud) cloud updates

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Sensor Bars

Decentralised metering with sensor bars and Energy Manager

  • Connected to the energy manager by serial bus (Modbus RTU over RS485)
  • Up to 8 Sensor bars with 3 /6/9/12 sensors (individual configuration)
  • Up to 63 A for each sensor, class 2 in combination with the energy manager (power factor)
  • Compact installation
  • Suitable for upgrading existing systems or new installations
  • Placed on top of fuses

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Smart Heater

Heat water together with a pv-system and the EM210.

  • Heating up raw water with pv-energy overhang
  • The Energy Manager transmits data to the Smart Heater
  • The Smart Heater (0 to 3500 Watt) transforms the available energy into heat, in 500-watt steps

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