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Static Code Analysis: PC-lint

In the last years software code quality and security has become increasingly important. Static code analysis is about analysing source code without executing the code to find potential bugs, vulnerabilities and security threats. Static code analysers look for patterns which can cause code quality problems or security concerns. A big advantage of static code analysers is they scan all the code within a project. If there are problems in the corners of applications which are not even used, there is a high probability that static code analysis will find them. By using static code analysis tools, problems can be pinpointed early in the development process, when costs to fix them are still low.


PC-lint is a powerful static analysis tool that checks your C/C++ source code and find bugs, glitches, inconsistencies, non-portable constructs, redundant code, and much more. It looks across multiple modules and therefore can address more issues than a compiler. PC-lint supports MISRA (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association) standards. MISRA is a collaboration between vehicle manufacturers, component suppliers and engineering consultancies with the goal to promote best practice in developing safety-related electronic systems in road vehicles.

PC-lint supports the folowing MISRA standards

  • MISRA C (1998)
  • MISRA C (2004)
  • MISRA C (2012)
  • MISRA C++ (2008)

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