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PRO-SIL™ SafeTcore & SafeTlib - the Solution for Quick Certification

The biggest challenges for certification are to achieve the required silicon coverage and to have the documentation to back up your safety case. The PRO-SIL™ SafeTcore and SafeTlib packages deliver this through a highly-configurable driver library for the Infineon Aurix, TriCore and XC2000 families of devices, combined with the availability of a full set of Safety Manuals, Safety Cases and requirements/traceability databases.

The software library includes:

  • CPU gate-level testing to provide unparalleled levels of silicon coverage
  • Register, ALU, MPU and memory parity/ECC tests
  • Thorough internal bus, interrupt and ECC tests
  • Algorithm results, task sequence/time monitoring
  • Configurable peripheral register monitoring
  • Automatic support for CIC 61508 Safety Monitor and EGAS v3 devices such as Bosch CY320


Integration support

Hitex has been involved in all details, from requirements to coding to testing of the PRO-SIL SafeTcore and SafeTlib software. Based on this comprehensive knowledge Hitex is perfectly placed to help integrate the package into your system with the maximum benefit and minimum overhead.

The PRO-SIL SafeTcore and SafeTlib libraries are available for Infineon's Tricore AUDO Future and AUDO MAX families as well as all Aurix devices. PRO-SIL SafeTcore XC2000 library is available for XC2300A/B/E families. The software packages are available at a very economical price, eliminating years of development, requirements and documentation work and greatly simplifying the certification process. In addition to the libraries and tools, Hitex offers the following services

  • Training and consulting
  • SafeTcore integration service
  • SafeTcore porting to other derivatives
  • Unit test service
  • Certification assistance

For technical, price and licensing information please contact us.

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