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IEC 60335 Class B: the standard for home appliances

All home appliances which are sold in Europe have to comply with IEC 60335 and IEC 60730 standard. The majority of appliances fit to the Class B. To get the product certified self tests have to be done by the microcontroller to prove that it and its surrounding is still running correctly. Hitex can assist you in achieving certification with:

  • Class B consulting
  • Definition of the certification concept
  • Integration of existing self test libraries to your application
  • Design and test of self test libraries if there are no existing ones for your selected microcontroller
  • Unit testing of your application to get the certification
  • Assistance during the certification

FREE Class B library downloads:

Atmel SAM D2xInfineon XMC1000 / 4000Infineon XC878NXP Cortex-M3Energy Micro Cortex-M3
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