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Bluetooth® is a wireless technology standard for short distance data exchange. Originally Bluetooth was invented by Ericsson as an alternative for cable-based serial data transfer. Today the Bluetooth Special Interest Group with over 25000 members takes care of the continued development of the technology. Many features, such as easy connection of several devices with control of the synchronization or low power consumption make the Bluetooth technology especially interesting for IoT applications. The ClarinoxBlue Protocol Stack makes the Bluetooth technology accessible for every embedded engineer.

ClarinoxBlue, the most comprehensive Bluetooth stack solution on the embedded market

If you have implemented Bluetooth in a past project, you will know of the many challenges that need to be overcome. This is especially true if your application contains a high level of complexity. The further you dig, the more complex it appears!

ClarinoxBlue Bluetooth protocol stack was designed by embedded developers for embedded developers.

With a simple and flexible approach, the ClarinoxBlue protocol stack enables you to spend more time on your application rather than the inner workings of Bluetooth technology.

Designed for Bluetooth Classic (BR/EDR) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), our solution addresses the main issues confronted by engineers in Bluetooth projects; lack of flexibility, increasing complexity and difficulty of debugging.

The ClarinoxBlue protocol stack excels in flexibility and portability, can successfully manage complexity and simplify debugging efforts, making your next Bluetooth project a whole lot easier!

ClarinoxBlue Protocol Stack Features

  • Hides Bluetooth complexity from the user
  • Multiple simultaneous profiles
  • Multiple simultaneous roles
  • Separates applications from profiles
  • Supports blocking and non-blocking API calls
  • Enables single and multi-threaded applications
  • Integrates command/response based APIs
  • Suitable for applications in automotive infotainment, IoT, radio communications, health & medical devices and wearables


ClarinoxBlue is a developer-friendly software protocol stack, designed exclusively for the development of embedded Bluetooth applications. The stack handles complex applications utilising both multiple profiles and multiple local Bluetooth devices, allowing an application to interact with several local Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

ClarinoxBlue provides a built-in protocol analyser as a debugging tool to simplify debugging of multi-profile and multi-technology applications. This tool is especially beneficial for highly complex applications such as forming complex networks.

Provision for interfacing the stack with legacy applications with the use of a virtual com port driver is also provided. The Clarinox embedded Bluetooth stack runs on many embedded operating systems supported by ClarinoxSoftFrame middleware.


The ClarinoxBlue Bluetooth protocol stack is contained within the ClarinoxSoftFrame portable framework, allowing users to develop their applications using C/C++ on a desktop environment (Microsoft Visual Studio or GNU tools) and move directly to the target platform with confidence of compatibility. Combined with the compactness of the protocol stack, this enables use with a number of architectures.

Simple API

The simplicity of the ClarinoxBlue API greatly reduces application development times. In fact, for most applications, the code written based upon ClarinoxBlue will only be one third of the number of lines required for other stacks. The plain language style also facilitates faster test and debug cycles. Clarinox provided the first multi-profile MP3 streaming application as early as 2004, based on the award winning ClarinoxSoftFrame architecture and ClarinoxBlue protocol stack.

ClarinoxBlue Specifications

Versions2.0, 2.1+EDR, 3.0, 4.0
Smart Profiles / ServicesBAS, BLP, GAP, GATT, PXP, TIP
Smart ProtocolsATT
Audio Support (SCO)Yes
ApplicationsAutomotive IVI, Connectivity, Data transfer, Health & Medical devices, Internet of Things (IoT), Music streaming, Positioning, Radio communications
Supported Hardware VendorsBroadcom, CSR, Marvell, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments
QualificationDeclaration ID B012420, B014172, B014173, D023635
IOP inter-operability tested
Company Identifier Code0x00B3

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