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Analyzer PRO: Software for mobile diagnostics and acceptance testing of industrial networks


Analyzer PRO is a comprehensive software solution with a network tap for acceptance testing and efficient troubleshooting of Ethernet-based industrial communication. In a PROFINET environment, the mobile diagnostic tool generates standardised acceptance reports in accordance with the recommendations of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) and provides the basis for long-term trouble-free operation. The easy-to-use product is tailored to the needs of plant suppliers and maintenance personnel as well as service providers.

Comprehensive Functionality

  • Diagnostics list, error statistics, network statistics
  • Enhanced flexibility by supporting online as well as offline mode
  • Generation, analysis and handling of diagnostic data such as graphical topology, inventory list and reference measurements, also for standard Ethernet components (eg PCs, camera systems)

Automated Generation of Acceptance Test Documents

  • Time saving by automatically created test reports
  • Flexible definition of acceptance criteria
  • Transparent reporting by following PI guidelines

Tool Addressing Complete Plant Lifecycle

  • Data on network configuration, network communication and diagnostic messages
  • Error identification for effective troubleshooting (e.g. based on inventory list of network devices)
  • Chance to support exchange of general project information between end users, EPC contractors, system integrators and maintenance service providers
  • Seamless integration with Softing diagnostics permanent monitoring solutions TH SCOPE and TH LINK

Telegram analysis and measuring important parameters

  • Measurement of the Jitter, refresh interval and load ratio
  • Including network tap to carry out the analysis


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