Building a safe and secure embedded world

Highest requirements

Embedded systems have long since been introduced into medical technology. For obvious reasons, particularly high requirements prevail in terms of functional safety and attack protection in the area medical electronics, and this presents special challenges for developers.

Devices that directly or indirectly influence health or which may be the difference between life and death have to work properly as and when required. For that reason, the relevant standards require proof that the proper functioning of the software is being constantly monitored by specific safety mechanisms.

Digitization is achieving increased recognition in the medical field and paving the way for new types of application. Components with networking options are required on the one hand, while on the other hand, protection against data theft and attacks from the outside is needed. Safety & security are becoming central topics.

When it comes to high safety standards, certification and norms, Hitex serves as a competent consultant and development partner. With our specialist expertise, we were an instrumental project partner in the creation of the Infineon MD8710 medical platform.

Developing medical applications requires a high level of quality in all steps of product creation.

Many standards must be considered such as

  • EN 60601
  • EN 62304
  • IEC 61508.

Hitex with over 40 years of experience has assisted medical companies in this process, from risk analysis through safety concept to the final product.

Consulting for all stages of a microcontroller development project

  • Systems consulting
  • Process consulting
  • Safety consulting
  • Training

Engineering based on comprehensive embedded development expertise

Testing for medical software?

Hitex is the perfect test partner for

  • Unit test & static code analysis
    Dynamic module and unit tests with professional tools
  • Static code analysis
  • Integration tes
  • System test
  • Code review
  • Test documentation

Tools for professionals

The best tools to reduce time to market and ease certification

  • Development Tools
    • IDE
    • Compiler (also with certification)
    • Debug Interfaces
  • Tanto3 FPGA Prototyping Platform
  • Protocol Analyzer
  • Programmer for development and production

Communication software components

Ensure reliable communication and stable medical systems with proven and tested software components

Communication stacks


Safety & Security software components

Using proven and tested software components to ensure safety and security

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