Building a safe and secure embedded world

OPC Server & Middleware OPC server and middleware for secure and reliable data integration

Universal all-in-one solution for OPC communication - gateway to big data and IoT cloud solutions

OPC Classic and OPC UA: Everything Together

Softing are also able to offer one of the fastest and easiest initial set up processes with dataFEED. The dataFEED OPC Suite offers a full package of components for OPC communication in a single product and enables access to the controllers of Siemens, B&R, Rockwell, Schneider Electric and Mitsubishi. The integrated OPC Tunnel removes the need for DCOM configuration and the initial setup takes only 3 clicks!

Whether you feel fully prepared or need a little guidance to move towards the next generation of manufacturing processes, Hitex can add value quickly and efficiently to your factory environment with OPC UA.

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