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PROFINET to PROFIBUS DP/PA Master Gateway (pnGate PB)

Access to PROFIBUS DP/PA devices through virtual mapping as modular PROFINET device

  • pnGate PB re-uses power conditioners in technology upgrade projects
  • No PROFIBUS DP Intermediate Segment required
  • Prepared for Integration in Standard Engineering and Plant Asset Management Tools

Key Component for Transition to State-of-the-Art Technology

  • Simple replacement of installed PROFIBUS DP/PA segment coupler
  • Re-use of existing PROFIBUS segments without requiring modification
  • Support of PROFINET redundancy for increased reliability

Direct Connectivity to PROFIBUS Segments

  • Single access point to PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA segments from PROFINET networks
  • Acting as PROFINET Device, PROFIBUS PA and PROFIBUS DP Master
  • Support of one PROFIBUS DP segment and up to two PROFIBUS PA segments

Configuration, Parameterization and Plant Asset Management Using Standard Industry Tools

  • Supports major PROFINET engineering tools such as TIA Portal, Step7 and PC WORXS
  • Included CommDTM allowing use in FDT/DTM frame applications
  • EDD-based device parametrization using Siemens Simatic PDM
Status LEDs (Gateway)

Status LEDs (Fieldbus)
Altera Cyclone V SoC with dual-core ARM Cortex-A9
PWR (power supply), RUN (operation), ERR (error), CFG (configuration and update)
SF (system fault), BF (bus fault)
Interfaces and ConnectorsEthernet


2 * IEEE 802.3 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T, embedded PROFINET switch for daisy chain topology
Connectors: RJ45
Protocol: PROFINET RT / IRT, Support of PROFINET redundancy protocols
RESTful API interface for device configuration 
2 * PROFIBUS PA (MBP) segments,
Bus-powered Medium Attachment Unit (MAU): Fieldbus voltage range: 9 VDC ... 32 VDC,
current consumption 10 mA,
Connectors: 3-position screw connection, galvanically isolated 
1 Segment with RS485 Physical Layer, Connector: 9-pin Sub-D socket
Physical PropertiesDimensions (H x W x D)
Power Supply

Operating / Storage Temperature
Relative Humidity
Protection Class
100 mm x 35 mm x 115 mm
Approx. 0.25 kg
18 VDC ... 32 VDC; SELV/PELV power supply mandatory
Typical input current: 200 mA, maximum input current: 1 A (allowing for in-rush current at switch-on)
No power supply to PROFIBUS PA segments through pnGate PB
-40 °C ... +70 °C / -40 °C ... +85 °C 
(see detailed mounting description in user manual)
10 % ... 95 %, non-condensing
Convection, no fan
Conformal coating based on ANSI / ISA-S71.04 G3
DIN rail 35 mm
GCA-AN-024608pnGate PB, PROFINET to PROFIBUS Gateway. Supports up to 2 PROFIBUS PAsegments (up to 32 PA devices, MBP physical layer) and 1 PROFIBUS DP segment (RS485).
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