Building a safe and secure embedded world

Smart helpers

Both small and large household devices are becoming smarter. Modern microelectronics has ensured that household devices of the latest generation are becoming more secure, lighter, and easier to operate. The reason behind this is embedded systems, which now have to meet strict safety standards. In order for the devices to gain the certification required, they must be developed, tested, and certified in accordance with specific safety standards such as IEC 60335, and this very often takes place with the active support of Hitex.

Hitex has developed Class B Libraries for many leading semiconductor manufacturers, which make it easier for household device manufacturers to become certified as they are able to revert to proven self-test libraries for Class B.

Not only does Hitex provide support for use of Class B libraries, it is also available as a service provider for the entire development process in integrating safety concepts. You can rely on the tried-and-tested competence of Hitex to develop household devices quickly and reliably.

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