Building a safe and secure embedded world

Over 40 years of embedded experience and innovation

It all began with word processing: even before it was founded, the Hitex team had developed a word processing system. This was initially for Forster, then Siemens joined as a partner. And so in 1976, the founding of a GmbH as a partner of a concern was imminent - this was the birth of Hitex.

In 1979, Hitex began developing operating systems and compilers for a control and automation system. This also signalled the start of hardware activities and led to the first in-circuit emulators in 1982: teletest 8085 and teletest Z80.

In 1983, Hitex presented the teletest Z80/8085 as the first PC-based emulation solution at the Hannover Exhibition - the first of many such appearances! This was followed by very successful years in the further development of in-circuit emulators with the support of the most important architectures at that time: of the teletest 16 (1985) for the x86; of the teletest 51 (1987) for 8051 and C500; and of the teletest 32 as a universal system.

The development of the follow-up production series AX and MX followed in 1990. Hitex was growing and the premises available were becoming increasingly confined. The company decided to „do the job properly“ and was able to move into the new building in 1992.

In 1997, Hitex took over Kontron Elektronik‘s "Development Tools“ Division, which paved the way for ASIC technology: DProbe and DBox conquered the market.

Hitex delivered another milestone in 2001: the modular test and analysis tool Tanto arrived on the market. Furthermore since 2002 Hitex has been offering TESSY, a software test tool for the module and unit test.

In 2003 Hitex was bought by Infineon Technologies AG. This guaranteed its survival in a changing market environment. Hitex responded quickly and concentrated its tool support on ARM and Infineon Microcontroller, while at the same time driving forward the expansion of the services and project work areas: Hitex both remained the tool supplier and became a systems house again.

In 2007 Hitex became once more part of a big success story: with more than 50,000 USB application and evaluation sticks sold worldwide! Many customers found an USB stick the appropriate tool to evaluate controllers or technology for their project or application. This concept ultimately earned the the Embedded Award: in 2008 our STM32PerformanceStick. The next Embedded Awards went to PowerScale, a trend-setting tool for energy profiling and optimisation during software development of embedded applications and in 2011 to the SafeTkit which offers an easy introduction to the Infineon PRO-SIL concept.

But it‘s not only the Embedded Award jury that rates our products so highly - even more impressive are awards from engineer‘s magazines; for instance the readers of Germany‘s electronic magazine „Elektronik“ have chosen two Hitex products to be their „Product of the Year“: in 2008 for the STR9comStick and in 2011 for the PowerScale again!

In the years 2011, 2012 and 2014 the growing success in the ARM development tools distribution was honored with the “ARM Distributor of the Year” award. Important part of the success is based on the Hitex support and training sessions.

To ensure qualified consulting in AURIX projects, Hitex has been selected as Preferred Design House by Infineon in 2014. Thanks to long-standing safety expertise, Hitex assists customers with the implementation of safety and security into projects targeted at safety-critical applications based on AURIX microcontrollers.

On its 40th birthday in 2016, Hitex was, and remains, well positioned to meet the challenges of the future. Based on 40 years of experience in “Embedding Software Quality”, Hitex is the ideal partner for all parts of a project: from consulting and engineering, to  tools and proven software components as well as final production of prototypes and series.

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