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PRO-SIL™ SafeTkit: evaluating the solution for quick certification

The Hitex 32-bit SafeTkit provides a great introduction to the Infineon PRO-SIL™ safety system for the TriCore microcontroller family by providing the heart of an ASIL-D/SIL3 capable platform in an easy-to-configure and use format. All the major PRO-SIL™ features are available and can be reconfigured to assess their effect on system behaviour and gain an understanding of the concepts underlying them. The kit contains all the elements required to produce a working application that has the potential for ASIL-D or SIL3 certification (The kit allows the techniques and concepts required for eventual ASIL-D certification to be obtained to be evaluated).


All PRO-SIL™ labeled parts are designed to meet the needs of ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 on the TriCore dual CPU architecture.
By using the SafeTcore-I set of powerful self-test routines that run on the PCP both at startup and cyclically from within an application, the correct operation of the user's software and the TriCore CPU itself can be verified.


The CIC61508 safety monitor provides the verification of periodic TriCore CPU tests using a windowed watchdog approach and is able to monitor the TriCore CPU power supply and other critical analog voltages elsewhere in the system.

PRO-SIL Features

  • Satisfies the requirements of ISO 26262 ASIL-D by decomposition
  • Suitable for IEC 61508 SIL3
  • Removes the need for independent hardware safety measures
  • Created using an ISO 26262 development process
  • Externally certifiable

SafeTkit Features

  • Real time viewing of voltage monitor inputs
  • ErrSYS, error counters
  • Force from ACTIVE to DISABLED mode (RA_Stop()).
  • Program DFLASH with new voltage thresholds
  • Reset of CIC61508 and SC-I from TARDISS
  • Change voltage thresholds, inc and dec sizes, opcode test table
  • Change failure reaction times (inc and dec values)
  • Vary CIC61508 trip timeouts
  • Enable/disable voltage monitors
  • Change safety path pin patterns
  • Calibration data import/export.
  • Read CIC SVER, HVER and CRC CIC61508 DFLASH programming

SafeTkit Contents

  • TC1767/1782 Triboard with SAK-CIC61508
  • Other AUDO-MAX devices coming soon
  • Tasking VX Toolset v3.5r1 evaluation version
  • Hightec GNU toolchain evaluation version
  • HiTOP54-TC debugger and flash programmer
  • SafeTcore libraries
  • Demonstration application
  • TestBench driver supplied as a library
  • User manual and quick start guide
  • USB cable
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