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Data Extractor: Migrate legacy-PC data via scalable, intuitive operation


Key Features

  • Unifies legacy equipment protocols to a standard and scalable interface via VGA/DVI output
  • Non-intrusive metrology retaining original equipment stability
  • Customized operation screen enhances, clearly identifying production information
  • Intuitive script generation for customized requirements, speeding up deployment

ADLINK's DEX-100 intelligent data extraction system with built-in frame grabber utilizes optical character recognition (OCR) to collect and process legacy PC-based display content, converging traditionally fragmented data extraction methods into a unified solution for all types of PC-based machines.

An easy-to-configure utility maps acquired real-time video content with no additional programming required, and provides a user-configured interface consolidating machine content of interest into a single predefined page. Unique offline script editing enables system setup offline from the target device, for little-to-no interference with operations.

Singularly effective interface extends M2M function with addition of devices such as barcode scanners and sensors, and simultaneous sharing of all collected data for distribution to anywhere in the network, via DDS (Data Distribution Services) protocol in real-time, enhancing reliability and efficiency. Remote control of pre-categorized IO-status, alarm, and data writing enable both horizontal and vertical OT/IT convergence.

Scalable for Universal Connectability

  • One solution for all machine types, eliminating fragmented field bus and API, unstructured log files, and OS conflicts
  • Unified legacy equipment protocols into standard interface via VGA/DVI output
  • Quick deployment and minimal learning curve

Non-intrusive for Minimal Downtime

  • Display content is output from the machine without affecting machine performance or stability
  • No additional program installation required
  • Quick Offline/Remote program debugging doesn't interfere with machine operation
  • Quick integration minimizes downtime

Ease of Use

  • Simple, fast system configuration, with no programming required
  • Customizable user-end tools maximize operational efficiency
  • Built-in OT/IT protocol and M2M bridging

Real-time Data Sharing

  • DDS enables real-time reliable, secure, and efficient data sharing
  • Data transmitted to and from top floor applications and cloud maximize administrative advantage

Cost-effective Evolution to Smart Factory

  • Existing machines are retained with enhanced IoT capability
  • Legacy environments can reach Industry 4.0 functionality


Edge IoT PC-based data extraction system for legacy machines with display port , support WIN10?*System with other OS support , by request

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