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Smart Heater: heat water together with a pv-system and the EM210

  • Heating up raw water with pv-energy overhang
  • The Energy Manager transmits data to the Smart Heater
  • The Smart Heater (0 to 3500 Watt) transforms the available energy into heat, in 500-watt steps


With a variable power consumption of 0 to 3500 W, adjustable in steps of 500 W according to desired feed-in rates, this delivers a 10% improvement in efficiency compared to similar installations. Featuring 3 integrated heating circuits (500 W, 1000 W, 2000 W) the Smart Heater is complete with fully integrated electronics, so no external contactors are necessary. Installation is easy using a plug and play approach. No additional hardware or software is needed. The desired heating remperature is manually set, and also has a temperature regulated auto cut off feature. Designed and manufactured in Germany.

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