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Keeping the rail industry on track and on time

With it's years of safety expertise across the team, Hitex provides support during implementation and provides tools and services to create software for safety-critical applications. Our team recognises that developing intelligent electronics and systems for rail vehicles is a unique challenge, as they must comply with specific standards (including EN 50128) and to integrate high-performance semiconductors into driver technology. Functional safety and performance are called for at every level. Automation and real-time networking have now become essential aspects of rail technology.

Real-world experience

Hitex have most recently developed an innovative train door condition monitoring system which is based on vibration analysis algorithms. Train doors are one of the leading causes of delays on the rail network. Not only are they costly to maintain but door actuator defects account for anything up to 50% of door malfunctions, especially in older rolling stock.

VA-RCM’s cutting edge vibration analysis technology constitutes a total solution for train door condition monitoring, enabling condition-based preventative maintenance directly out-of-the-box. The sophisticated analysis algorithms will be part of the embedded software running on the VA-RCM hardware modules.

Hitex has led the development of this consortium-led initiative, whose aim is to fully develop and commercialise this monitoring system by VA-RCM.

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