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SAKCIC61508 and CIC61508 application notes

This page contains useful information and utilities for the Infineon SAK61508 and CIC61508F safety monitor devices.

Using the CIC61508 SPI Interface

CIC61508 Secure Mode Applet Examples

CIC61508 Configurations With XC2000 and Tricore For ASIL-B(D)

Examples of how to use the standard and secure SPI modes to access SAKCIC61508 on-chip resources plus using the DFLASH erase and programming features.  Includes 10 real example programmes.  The Tasking Tricore Eclipse IDE v3.5r1 is required to build the examples.


For software development and production line programming of the DFLASH, the normal secure SPI mode  facilities are sufficient.  However for low-level board testing during development and in the early stages of production test, additional functions are sometimes required.  Due to limited ROM space in the CIC61508, a special RAM area has been reserved into which users can download simple C51 programs to control CIC61508 IO during manufacture and test.  These programs can be used to implement common hardware test functions such as reading all the IO pins to check for short circuits or driving the SYSDIS pins to specified patterns to allow connected hardware to be tested.


This gives block diagrams of different methods of achieving ASIL-B(D) with the CIC61508 and both the XC2000 and the Tricore microcontrollers.


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