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Full featured TCP/IP Stack from CMX

CMX-TCP/IP is a portable high performance TCP/IP implementation for embedded systems.  Memory usage is localized and deterministic. It uses the CMX-RTX RTOS signaling mechanisms to provide a true multitasking reentrant stack.  CMX-TCP/IP can also be run without an RTOS and all of the code is written to make it easy to switch between modes without extensive source-code changes.

Most network protocols and applications are available, from BOOTP all the way up to HTTP.  There are also test applications, such as a benchmark server or a ping tester, as well as a few others.  A consistent command shell debug facility for all modules allows for the interactive execution of debugging commands and setting debug levels of particular modules via a serial port or Telnet connection which can be a real plus when bringing up new Ethernet hardware, etc.  At production time, you may simply link with the non-debug version of the libraries for maximum memory efficiency.

CMX-TCP/IP Kit includes:

  • IP, ICMP/Raw IP, TCP, UDP, ARP, SNTP, DNS name resolution.
  • TCP/IP SNMP MIB can be included, to provide a plethora of IP performance data.
  • RFC compliant TCP support both Standard BSD Socket interface as well as High performance proprietary Socket interface
  • Standard IBM-PC compatible drivers available for keyboard, VGA, PCI, serial port, etc.
  • Includes a VFS (Virtual File System) with huffman tree compression for read-only data such as web pages, for maximum memory efficiency.
  • Specific Processor and Compiler port
  • Full Source code
  • No Royalties on Shipped Products
  • Documentation, sample test programs
  • Many Ethernet Drivers for a variety of chips including 91c96, 91c111, cs8900a, etc.

Additional Add-On Options:

  • BOOTP, TFTP - Bootstrap Protocol, Trivial File Transfer(Client/Server)
  • DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server (Client/Server)
  • Flash File System with support for Compact Flash, MMC, RAM disk, etc.
  • FTP - File Transfer Protocol (Client/Server)
  • IMAP4 – Internet Messaging Access Protocol, Version 4
  • NAT - Network Address Translation
  • POP3 Client – Post Office Protocol
  • PPP, SLIP - Point to Point Protocol, Serial Line Interface Protocol
  • PPPoE - PPP over Ethernet
  • SMTP Client – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • SNMP V1 & V2c - Simple Network Management Protocol V1 and V2c Agent
  • SSL/TLS - Secure Socket Layer / Transport Layer Security
  • SSH - Secure Shell
  • Telnet Server
  • WEB Server - HTTP Server, includes CGI and SSI
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