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Testing for embedded systems?

Hitex is the perfect test partner!

Ever-increasing test requirements - what does this mean for you and your team?

The test requirements for embedded systems have increased dramatically in recent years. Product functions are increasingly shifting towards electronics, and more and more products are being integrated into overarching control structures. In turn, this of course creates greater requirements for the test process.

The rise in test costs is usually underestimated – and you need a partner

More and more tests are being required and have to be conducted by the development departments in compliance with standardised processes. Today, not every development division is equipped to handle the work this requires – but the test department at Hitex is.

Manufacturers that are new to working with safety functions are the ones that are most surprised by the test requirements and specifications.

Our team has the training to help you complete tests faster and with more assurance than going it alone. We're also happy to train your development team as we go along so that they can even perform the tests themselves in the future.

Tests are becoming increasingly complex – Hitex has the expertise to build a foundation for you

Developers enjoy being creative. Test is usually another matter, however. Test also requires a certain mindset. Hitex possesses decades of experience to give you a foundation to build upon. We have experienced testers who have internalised all of the requirements and test procedures over many years, backed by a wealth of experience from dozens of projects. Hitex offers more than just test as a service; it also understands engineering and sells certain test tools such as TESSY for these purposes. From unit and integration testing to system test and code review, you can rely on our experience to deliver to the highest standard.

Benefits of working with Hitex as your test partner

  • A flexible sales model that lets you purchase just what you need
  • State-of-the-art test
  • Expand your own test knowledge
  • Shorten time-to-market and development times
  • You get fully documented tests and can continue using them as regression tests
  • You don't have to purchase any test equipment
  • You don't necessarily have to invest in training

Hitex offers integrated, qualified testing – reviews included. No matter whether you need to meet safety standards such as IEC, ISO etc., we have many years of experience working with customers when it comes to handing over the resources and documents, as well as the results, to ensure the progress of the test process is always transparent for our customers. We hand over the knowledge as well as the databases to the customer so that they can carry on with further tests themselves if necessary.

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