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Hitex (UK) Ltd to speak at UKEmbedded: The migration of AURIX into industrial safety-critical applications

While AURIX has been well-used in the automotive world for many years, more recently it has been used in industrial applications where safety standards are becoming more prevalent and important than ever.

With industrial applications needing ever-increasing levels of functional safety built in, it is little wonder that the focus is shifting towards an environment designed to meet those standards from the start. By being rooted firmly in the automotive sector, and already suitable for many safety standards such as IEC 61508, DO-178B, ISO 26262 and others, these types of accreditations can be achieved first time. Hitex has extensive knowledge and experience of these plus many other standards. Not only can we assist with achieving these standards, but we can also provide training in the application of these standards to safety-critical applications.

Endorsed by Infineon in the UK as an Infineon Preferred Design House (PDH) for delivering complex AURIX designs quickly and to the highest standard with real-world proven processes and comprehensive safety knowledge, Hitex provides AURIX microcontroller start-up assistance as well as training and consultancy surrounding tools, middleware, functional safety and security. We can also provide assistance with achieving certification.

This grants Hitex access to deep technical information and combined with a world-leading team of experts in the field, our in-house experience allows drivers such as MCAL to be implemented to a range of safety levels. We provide MCAL drivers for full-fledged AUTOSAR projects as well as industrial projects with special requirements. In both cases the key benefit is saving time and effort and making use of approved and tested technology for safe operation.

With this in mind, Hitex are due to share some of their unique insight into this rapidly growing market. To find out more, and to register for the event, please visit

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