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OPC UA Server Gateway for Siemens SINUMERIK 840D Controllers

The SINUMERIK 840D sl CNC controller from Siemens is used in a variety of machine tools, e.g. for implementing milling, turning, grinding, nibbling and punching technologies. Here, a central requirement is the further processing of both the control data as well as the NC and drive data within an integrated overall application. In the context of increasing digitalization, the use of open and standardized communication technologies is becoming increasingly important.

uaGate 840D

So far, however, only the data from the integrated SIMATIC S7 controller could be reused outside the machine tool, while the NC and drive data could not be accessed from outside. Softing's new uaGate 840D gateway now closes this gap and for the first time provides access to the complete machine tool data. This allows important spindle and axis data, such as torque and power consumption, to be read out and processed outside the Siemens world using the OPC UA and MQTT communication technologies. Together with the associated alarms, this data for instance becomes available for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, data logging or analysis tasks. In addition, this gateway allows to generally integrate the SINUMERIK 840D sl CNC controller into Industry 4.0 applications.

Product Manager Sebastian Schenk summarizes the uaGate 840D development: "In the past, we often received inquiries as to whether we could not use our knowledge of Siemens and the OPC UA standard for a product for SINUMERIK 840D integration. In fact, we have managed to develop this gateway in a very short time. This allows us once again to offer our customers a simple and practical solution for implementing Industry 4.0 applications. Especially, the included preconfigured symbol files allow to setup the data exchange with just a few clicks."

The uaGate 840D gateway from Softing is now available from Hitex in the UK.

Further information is available here. Alternatively, please contact Dave Tomlin on 024 7669 2066.

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