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Using an RTOS on Cortex-based microcontrollers

This course provides a complete introduction to using an RTOS for current ‘bare metal’ developers. We provide an introduction to essential RTOS concepts using the CMSIS-RTOS2 API. This is followed by a ‘how to’ guide to structuring and developing your first RTOS application.

The course also covers the CMSIS-RTOS2 API which is designed to be a standard software interface for operating systems running on Cortex-M microcontrollers.

We will use the Keil MDK-ARM throughout the course and examine it's advanced RTOS-aware features.

The course is delivered by our resident Arm Specialist, Trevor Martin who is also a published author and recognised authority on Cortex-M cores.

Course outline:

Getting started (aka the nuts and bolts!)

This section takes a detailed look at the RTOS features available with CMSIS RTOS2 API:

  • Thread and time management
  • Signals and interrupt handling
  • Semaphore and Mutex
  • Message and mail queues
  • Idle task and power management
  • RTOS errors and error handling
  • Configuring RTX

Cortex-M hardware support
Through the course we will explore the hardware features within the Cortex-M CPU designed to support the use of an RTOS:

  • Systick timer
  • Software interrupt
  • CPU operating modes and stacks
  • Exclusive access instructions
  • Processor exceptions

How to... and implement an RTOS-based software architecture
This section presents some guidelines for developing a successful RTOS based application using a component-based design architecture to enhance team working, productivity and code reuse.

...schedule and use real time controls
Here we look at the scheduling options available with the RTOS Kernel and their implications on program design. We also look at using an RTOS to design a system that includes real time and non real time tasks.

...carry out software testing with an RTOS
This section introduces a strategy for testing RTOS based applications on Cortex-M devices.


The course exercises use a simulator which is ideal for experimenting with an RTOS

Delegates will receive setup instructions prior to the course

When, where and how much?

16th June 2022
22nd September 2022

£250.00 including all course materials.

Hitex UK office, Coventry


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