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Keil MDK-ARM expert "how to" training

Want to get the best out of your toolchain? Join this session and our experts will take you through setup and use of the advanced features of the Keil MDK-ARM.

The day is intended to be an informal training with a focus on answering your questions. A suggested range of topics is outlined below but the aim of the day is to cover any “How to” questions you have.

The course is delivered by our resident ARM Specialist, Trevor Martin who is also a published author and widely recognised authority on Cortex-M cores.

What will be covered?

The agenda for the day will cover:

  • Debugger
    • Review of the Cortex-M CPU and debug Adapters
    • Setting up an optimal debug connection
    • Using the “Embedded Trace Macrocell” ETM and “Micro Trace buffer” MTB
    • Using the Coresight “Instrumentation Trace” ITM as a debug serial channel
    • Using and customising the Event Recorder as an application trace
    • System Viewer and System Analyzer
    • Designing a custom Component View
    • Introduction to the MDK-ARM scripting language
    • Debugging multicore microcontrollers
    • Debugging low-power applications
    • Security features in ARMv8-M Coresight
  • Compiler / linker
    • Compiler\linker
    • Moving from ARM Compiler v5 to v6
    • Useful compiler options
    • Working with the Cortex-M7 Tightly Coupled Memory and Caches
    • Linker Scatter Files
    • Working with off chip memory
    • Starting with the CMSIS Zone utility
  • Workflow
    • Integrating version control with GIT and Subversion
    • Adding third party utilities such as static analysis with PC lint and Doxegen documentation generator
    • Using the Unity developer test framework
    • Testing using the microvision CPU simulator
    • Command Line and Flash programming
    • Continuous Integration with Jenkins
  • Design for reuse
    • Project Architecture and component design
    • CMSIS Driver structure and use
    • Adding configuration Wizards
    • Creating a software pack

When, where and how much?

24th September 2020

All dates start at 9.00am, with registration from 8.30. Course end times are between 4.00 - 5.00pm.

The workshop costs £250.00 which includes lunch and course materials.

Hitex UK Office
Millburn Hill Road
University of Warwick Science Park

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