Building a safe and secure embedded world

Designing secure communications for IoT systems

This course provides a foundation in secure communications needed to develop a secure IoT network. We begin by introducing the most commonly used cryptographic algorithms and how they are used in the Transport layer security (TLS) protocol.

We then use this knowledge to design an X.509 certificate based IoT network using Message Queued Telemetry Transport (MQTT) which can manage large numbers of connected devices. The course is workshop based with all materials and PC’s provided.

This course is also ideally attended alongside the Cortex and Cortex-M33 workshops which are on the days prior to this course.

The course is delivered by our resident ARM Specialist, Trevor Martin who is also a published author and widely recognised authority on Cortex-M cores.

What will be covered?

The agenda for the day will cover:

  • Introduction
    • Objectives
    • Information assurance
  • Development environment
    • MDK-PRO
    • Mbed OS TLS security pack
  • Cryptographic primitives
    • Ciphers
    • Hashing
    • Message Authentication
    • Random numbers
    • Support functions
  • Secure communication
    • Abstract syntax notation number one
    • Public Key Cryptography
    • Transport layer security
  • Cortex-M Processor Security
    • Processor operating modes
    • Memory protection unit
    • TrustZone

When, where and how much?

26th October 2022

All dates start at 9.00am, with registration from 8.30. Course end times are between 4.00 - 5.00pm.

The workshop costs £250.00 which includes lunch and course materials.


Unless otherwise stated, the course is held at our UK offices:

Hitex UK Office
Millburn Hill Road
University of Warwick Science Park

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