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ARM Cortex Microcontroller Workshop

This is one of our longest-running and most popular courses. It is also ideally partnered with the "Using an RTOS on Cortex-based Microcontrollers" course, held the day after this course.

The course is delivered by our resident ARM Specialist, Trevor Martin who is also a published author and widely recognised authority on Cortex-M cores.

What will be covered?

During the workshop, you will learn about the features of the Cortex-M  processor architecture, along with programming methods to best take advantage of them.

  • ARM Cortex microcontroller core
    Gain an in depth knowledge of the Cortex-M0/M0+/M3/M4 and M7 cores. Learn in a day all the critical techniques you will need for a Cortex-M project
    • Cortex M family processor overview
    • Programmers model
    • Interrupt and exception model
    • Compiler Intrinsics
    • Bit banding
    • Memory Architecture and Bus structure
    • Cortex Microcontroller Standard (CMSIS)
  • Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard CMSIS
    Understand the roles of the various CMSIS standards and how to apply them for enhanced productivity.
    • CMSIS Core
    • CMSIS Driver
    • CMSIS DAP and SVD
  • Hands-on training with development tools
    Work through practical exercises and learn about the functionality of modern software development tools, and the extensive debugging features available for Cortex-M processors.
    • Setting up a first program
    • Debugging features
    • Vector table and startup code
    • Fault exceptions and fault finding
    • Advanced trace features
    • Adding and managing software components

When, where and how much?

25th September 2019

All dates start at 9.00am, with registration from 8.30. Course end times are between 4.00 - 5.00pm. This course also has the RTOS course held the day after on all these dates.

The workshop costs £250.00 which includes lunch and course materials.

Travel information and directions download.

Unless otherwise stated, the course is held at our UK offices:

Hitex UK Office
Millburn Hill Road
University of Warwick Science Park

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