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Hitex (UK) Ltd is leading force behind highly innovative train door condition monitoring system

VA-RCM (Vibration Analysis Remote Condition Monitoring) is a highly innovative condition monitoring system based on cutting-edge technology involving advanced vibration analysis. Unique features enable accurate assessment of train door actuators, as well as targeted feedback on malfunctions in advance of their occurrence.

It moves one step beyond by using vibration analysis algorithms to investigate the power distribution over the frequency spectrum of the signals obtained through an integrated accelerometer. This allows detection of defects as they develop, before they are traceable through secondary effects such as door motion slowdown. This is significant as such secondary effects may only arise after severe damage to the door mechanism has already occurred.

Utilising an IoT architecture, VA-RCM has developed sophisticated analysis algorithms as part of the embedded software performing edge processing and running on the bespoke Cortex M4 ARM powered hardware, as well as deeper cloud-based analysis.  The system also incorporates custom sensors and wireless gateways (WiFi - Cellular), all designed to meet the tough standards demanded by the rail environment.

Developed by a consortium of European companies; Hitex, TWI, InnoTec UK, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) and The Transport Systems Catapult the project has been funded by the Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation programme.

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