Building a safe and secure embedded world

SafeTpack enables implementation of safety requirements with AURIX

Hitex (UK) Ltd was awarded the prestigious "embedded award" at the "embedded world 2019" for the innovative SafeTpack. With this coveted award Hitex has been honoured for the fourth time by the expert panel of judges for particularly innovative developments.

SafeTpack is Hitex's comprehensive solution for rapid and safe ISO 26262 or IEC 61508 safety certification for Infineon's second generation AURIXTM 32-bit microcontrollers. SafeTpack is a security solution for the microcontrollers of the AURIXTM TC3xx architecture. Thanks to integrated properties for connectivity, security and functional safety, these microcontrollers are particularly suitable for safety-critical automotive and industrial applications. The building blocks include Logic Built-In Self-Tests (LBIST) in addition to Lockstep technology.

SafeTpack provides functional security by managing the complex LBIST and other security features of AURIXTM. SafeTpack provides additional safety functions such as program flow monitoring (to ensure that all safety-related codes have been executed) or cyclic control of peripheral devices. It coordinates the execution of startup and cycle tests to ensure proper operation of the CPU and internal buses. It also manages the watchdog system and an optional combined watchdog and power controller (eg TLF3558). SafeTpack's modular system makes it easy to customize and supplement individual functions. SafeTpack can be used with or without AUTOSAR.

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