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Arm announces comprehensive IoT software libraries to support all major cloud-based IoT clients

Cortex-M based microcontrollers are one of the most popular choices for IoT clients because of their low power consumption and high performance. The industry leading Keil MDK-ARM toolchain now includes support for all the leading IoT cloud based services.

Many cloud service providers offer open-source software that implements an IoT client for an embedded system. Arm/Keil now provide this software as easy-to-use “connector” components  along with a comprehensive cryptographic library to provide secure client connection to the cloud server. It supports all the major IoT clients, including Amazon IoT, Microsoft Azure, Google and IBM Watson.

Each of the connectors can be downloaded using the CMSIS Pack system. Each of the connectors are then available within the microvision IDE as software components which can be easily integrated into your application software.

Arm also provides the mbedTLS cryptographic library to enable secure communications between an IoT device and a cloud server using the Transport Layer Security protocol. The mbedTLS library is provided as an open source library under and Apache license which allows free non attribitary use for commercial and non commercial projects.

Hitex also run a one-day "Designing secure communications for IoT systems" course. The next dates for this are 8th May (Karlsruhe, Germany, English language) and 16th May (Coventry, UK).

To find out more please contact Trevor Martin on 024 7669 2066.

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