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Hitex (UK) Ltd named Distributor of the Year for 4th time

Hitex GmbH and Hitex (UK) Ltd have again been named by ARM as the top-rated EMEA distributor. This is now the 4th time the “Distributor of the Year” award has been bestowed to Hitex.

The award recognises Hitex as an innovative distributor using forward-thinking engagement techniques to win new business for ARM tools.

Hitex leveraged its strong footprint in safety software development to support the launch of the ARM Qualification Kit. They initiated a series of webinars partnering with other industry players as well as joint seminars with ARM on safety-critical software development. These were run both in the UK and Germany.

Specifically, Hitex is awarded for providing complete solutions to developers who are successfully delivering safety-based developments with ARM-based applications. Users can find real added value in terms of application-related consulting, comprehensive support and seminars.

The award was presented during the annual ARM Regional Distributor Meeting on October 9, 2017 at Starnberg/Germany.

To find out more, please contact Trevor Martin on (0)24 7669 2066

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