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phyBOARD®-Wega Arm Cortex-A8 Single Board Computer

In a Pico-ITX form factor of 100 x 72 mm, phyBOARD-Wega represents the continued miniaturization of phyBOARD Single Board Computers. At the heart of the Wega is the phyCORE-AM3354 System on Module (SOM), which is directly soldered onto a carrier Board PCB for routing of signals from the SOM to applicable I/O interfaces.

This “Direct Solder Connect” (DSC) of the SOM eliminates four connectors, thereby further reducing overall system cost, and makes Wega ideally suited for deployment into a wide range of cost-optimized and robust industrial applications. Signals from the AM3354 processor populating the SOM also extend to the Wega expansion bus connectors. This provides for customized expandability according to end user requirements.

Security features:

PHYTEC modules support comprehensive security features in hardware and software. All functions supported by the i.MX 8 processor as well as further information about their security concept can be found here.

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