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TQMxE39M COM Express Mini Module (Type 10) with Intel Atom x5/x7 E3900

Intel Atom® x5/x7 E3900 (“Apollo Lake-I”)

  • High-speed through Gigabit Ethernet
  • Especially robust design Protective coating possible
  • Triple display support with DP/HDMI (up to 4K UHD) and eDP/LVDS
  • Dual/Quad core processors with up to 2.5 GHz

The TQ module TQMxE39M is based on the latest generation of Intel® Atom™, Pentium® and Celeron® processors (code named “Apollo Lake”). It achieves a new level of compute performance, security and media processing performance in a very compact form factor to empower real-time computing, industrial automation, digital surveillance, aviation, medical, retail and more. The module corresponds to the international established PICMG® standard COM Express® Mini (COM.0 R2.1) with type 10 pinout. 8 USB ports –including 2x USB 3.0 –and up to 4 PCIe lanes natively supported by the processor enable high bandwidth communication with peripherals and additional interfaces on the carrierboard. With the latest Intel® graphics processor integrated the module delivers 4K high resolution graphics output, immersive 3D processing and also greatly increased video encode and playback performance.

Time coordinated computing capabilities enable time synchronized processes within IoT networks and industrial control applications. Onboard eMMC up to 64 GB and the option for LVDS or native eDP enable flexibility and reduce overall BOM cost. The integrated TQMx86 board controller enables high flexibility through “flexiCFG” and supports thermal management, watchdog and “Green ECO-Off” with a minimum of standby power. Combined with options like conformal coting and optimized cooling solutions the TQMxE39M fits also perfectly into ruggedized applications.

Board USPs:

  • Unbeatable long-term availability
  • Robustness for all applications
  • The most comprehensive range of modules on the market
  • A comprehensive design and support of an E²MS manufacturer
  • Full design freedom, as all processor functions are fully accessible
  • x86 for tough industrial use
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