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TQMa6x Cortex-A9 module based on i.MX6 with scalable computing and graphics power

Embedded Cortex®-A9 module based on i.MX6 with scalable computing and graphics power.

Arm® Cortex®-A9 based on i.MX6

  • Security functions
  • IEEE 1588 support
  • NOR Flash
  • e-MMC Flash
  • Extended temperature range
  • Low power consumption (typ. 4 W)

The Minimodule TQMa6x, based on the processor MCIMX6 from NXP, combines Industry and Multimedia. The integrated graphic controller supports displays with a resolution up to Full HD. Therefore the module is best suited for HMI and animated display screen- and accordingly multitouch applications. With an Arm Corte®-A9 core and a clock rate up to 4 x 1,2 GHz the TQMa6x provides a balanced ratio between performance and power dissipation.

Board USPs:

  • Unbeatable long-term availability
  • Robustness for all applications
  • The most comprehensive range of modules on the market
  • A comprehensive design and support of an E²MS manufacturer
  • Full design freedom, as all processor functions are fully accessible
  • x86 for tough industrial use
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