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TQ FlexiCFG: TQMx86 Board Controller

The TQMx86 board controller provides standard functions like board and power management, fan and thermal control, I2C controller (master/slave), UARTs and GPIO. This set of features is provided on all TQ x86 module designs.


The TQ FlexiCFG board controller, which is a programmable device (combination of CPLD and FPGA), provides resources to add application specific additional interfaces or functions.

As expected with COM Express and SMARC specifications there are 8 and 12 GPIO pins, respectively. They are not always needed by the application. In this case they can be re-used to provide e.g. additional serial interfaces, a SPI controller or a second I2C interface which can all be provided by the TQ FlexiCFG board controller in custom specific configurations.

If more than 8 GPIOs are needed some of the COM Express reserved pins can be re-used to provide additional GPIO pins supported by the TQ FlexiCFG board controller.

The COM Express specification does not support interrupt capable GPIOs. With the TQ FlexiCFG board controller interrupt capability can be added per customer request leading to custom specific bill of material.

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