Building a safe and secure embedded world

Designing Secure Microcontroller Systems

This course is an introduction to developing secure microcontroller systems with the Mbed-TLS cryptographic library. Mbed-TLS is a free to use cryptographic library developed and maintained as part of ARM’s Mbed IoT platform. It is licensed under an Apache 2 or GPL v2 for commercial and non commercial use. During this course we will look at the function and use of each element of the Mbed-TLS library. This course will also consider how to take best advantage of the Cortex-M processor features to best implement a secure system. The course is designed as a hands on workshop using the Keil MDK-ARM development software.

This course is also ideally attended alongside the 2-day Middleware course, held on the days prior to this course.

The course is delivered by our resident ARM Specialist, Trevor Martin who is also a published author and widely recognised authority on Cortex-M cores.

What will be covered?

The agenda for the day will cover:

  • Introduction
    • Objectives
    • Information assurance
  • Development environment
    • MDK-PRO
    • Mbed OS TLS security pack
  • Cryptographic primitives
    • Ciphers
    • Hashing
    • Message Authentication
    • Random numbers
    • Support functions
  • Secure communication
    • Abstract syntax notation number one
    • Public Key Cryptography
    • Transport layer security
  • Cortex-M Processor Security
    • Processor operating modes
    • Memory protection unit
    • TrustZone

When, where and how much?

12th July 2018

All dates start at 9.00am, with registration from 8.30. Course end times are between 4.00 - 5.00pm.

The workshop costs £199.00 which includes lunch and course materials.

Travel information and directions download.

Unless otherwise stated, the course is held at our UK offices:

Hitex UK Office
Millburn Hill Road
University of Warwick Science Park

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